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    He came back to Manitoba taking pride as a Francophone. And his French improved!

    Roch's Mom, Manitoba to Quebec
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    He had changed. In three weeks, he grew up having gained autonomy and self-confidence.

    Raphael's mom, Ontario to Ontario

    How safe are the accommodations?

    Participants in Destination Clic are required to stay on-campus in a student residence. Accommodations are assigned by age group and by gender.

    University campuses are regularly patrolled by security guards. Guards are also assigned to each residence. The host institution’s safety and security rules, including information on curfews, will be shared with you at the time of registration.

    NOTE: In order to ensure the safety of your child and their progress in the program, they may not leave campus to visit friends or family in the area during the program.

    The draw for the Destination Clic program was held on April 27, 2022. Sign in to your profile now and verify your status! The institution will contact you if you received an offer.