As a youth living with a disability, he (teacher)… forever shaped my life. I was able to reinvent myself and discover a part of me that I never knew existed.

    Kevin, Ontario to Quebec
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    I met some of my best friends at Destination Clic, and I made some of my greatest memories there.

    Chloe, Manitoba to Quebec

    How safe are the accommodations?

    Participants in Explore are required to stay on-campus in a student residence, or off-campus with a host family. Accommodations are assigned by age group and by gender.

    Explore life is fun-filled, energy-packed stimulation, both inside and outside the classroom.

    Shane, Newfoundland & Labrador to Quebec

    Student residence

    University campuses are regularly patrolled by security guards. Guards are also assigned to each residence. The host institution’s safety and security rules, including information on curfews, will be shared with you at the time of registration

    So if you do go, enjoy every minute because it ends way too soon.Stephanie

    Saskatchewan to British Columbia


    Homestay families and their homes are evaluated by the institution. Family members are interviewed and required to provide a vulnerable sector check before they can take part in the program. Host families must abide by the institution’s terms and conditions for creating a warm and safe environment for your child. Their contact information will be provided to you before the program’s start date so that you are able to connect.

    NOTE: In order to ensure the safety of your child and their progress in the program, they may not leave campus to visit friends or family in the area during the program.

    IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19: Our team is working diligently to implement the 2021 official language programs in the safest way possible. Explore and Destination Clic institutions and Odyssey employers will be strictly adhering to all local, provincial, and federal health and safety guidelines. Additional information will be posted on the website as the situation evolves.