What do I learn? – Official Languages Programs



    … it has given me the opportunity to work in a job that I love.

    Silvia - Explore Director
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    Being on the other side of the Explore program is equally as rewarding because I can now use my past experiences to give new Explore students a five-week experience similar to my own.

    Blake, former promotion agent

    What do I learn?

    French, of course! And the experience is sure to leave you wanting more. In fact, many Explore participants have come back more than once to continue improving their French skills.

    Whether it happens in person or online, expect each day to be busy, fun, and rewarding with:

    • language instruction inside and outside the classroom;
    • themed workshops;
    • cultural activities; and
    • optional evening and weekend events and activities.

    I've fallen deeply in love with the French language and the Quebecois culture!

    Krista, Alberta to Quebec

    Unique locations

    Each location offers a unique experience, allowing you to practice your French language skills in a variety of locales and situations. When choosing a location, ask yourself:

    • What kind of activities and workshops am I looking for?
    • What part of Canada would I love to visit and why?
    • Am I interested in the history and heritage?
    • Or am I drawn to the distinct and unique culture?
    • Or maybe, is it some place I have been before that I want to explore further?
    • Does the institution offer credits?
    • Does the institution offer Languages at Work?

    Unsure about your French-language skills? No problem. There are no language-skill requirements for Explore. You are assigned to a group according to your age category and skill level, so that you can learn and practise French with confidence.