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    The training session at the beginning of the program gives you the teaching tools you need and helps you get to know the other assistants in the region!

    Lila, from British Columbia to Quebec
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    Although I was nervous about moving away from my hometown to a new province for the first time, I could not be happier with my decision.


    Do I get paid?

    Of course! As a language assistant, you will receive a taxable salary of $27,000 for 25 hours of work per week, to be completed during your nine-month mandate. That’s about $27 per hour, or $2,900 per month from September through May. More details will be provided during the application process.

    What I had not expected was that my students, peers, and Quebec City itself would teach me so much about my own cultural heritage!

    Lila, from British Columbia to Quebec

    What’s covered

    Your Odyssey also provides:

    • holiday pay, as well as other benefits paid by the employer;
    • allowances to help cover two return trips home, if you are placed more than 200 km away from your home province or territory;
    • allowances to cover the pan-Canadian and provincial/territorial training sessions.

    I got my first job because I was bilingual. Learning English helped me discover and love my mother tongue and my culture even more.!


    What’s not covered

    • Your living expenses, including housing, food, and personal items.