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    Looking for a different kind of
    language-learning experience?
    Find it with the Official Languages Programs (OLP-PLO)
    There are three programs to choose from, with various locations across the country. Each location offers a unique experience and setting.
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    Spend the spring or summer exploring life in a new city, immersed in a different culture with other young people, all while learning to speak French.
    Gain independence in a different Canadian location
    Build confidence speaking in French with peers matched by language proficiency
    Learn French in sessions grouped by age: 13–15, 16–17, and 18+
    Explore your next adventure
    Destination clic
    Destination Clic is a summer youth program designed to enable francophone youth living outside Quebec to hone their language skills while immersed in a new Francophone community.
    Boost self-confidence and build new skills
    Develop friendships with other francophone students
    Engage with other students in grades 8, 9, or 10 living outside Quebec
    Discover your own Destination
    APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 27, 2024
    Live and work in a Francophone community as a paid ESL, FSL or FFL language assistant in an elementary, high school, or CEGEP classroom setting, helping students develop their English- or French-speaking skills.
    Live and work in a different, beautiful region of Canada
    Earn a fair, taxable monthly income as a language assistant
    Embark on a rewarding nine-month work placement (September–May)
    Embark on your own Odyssey
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    Which Official Languages Program is right for me?

    13 to 15
    16, 17, and 18+
    Destination Clic Odyssey
    WHAT IS IT? A summer program for students who are looking to learn or improve their French through cultural, social, and travel experiences. A program for youth and young adults who are looking to learn or improve their French through cultural, social, and travel experiences. A program tailored to help francophone students outside Quebec nurture their sense of belonging and identity with the francophone community, as well as enhance their French skills. A paid contract as a language assistant in a classroom setting for approximately 25 hours per week. Roles in elementary, high schools, or CEGEPs.
    WHO IS IT FOR? English-speaking youth and young adults Francophone youth outside Quebec English-speaking adults
    Age Range 13- to 15-years old 16–17 and 18+ years old Grades 8, 9, or 10 Postsecondary (no age limit)
    Language Learning Focus French as a second language French as a first language You will help youth practise their English- or French-speaking skills, while improving your own language and communication skills.
    When? Summer Spring, summer Summer September to May
    Duration 19 to 21 days 31 to 33 days 19 to 21 days 9 months
    WHERE? Opportunities available across Canada Ontario, Quebec or New Brunswick Work opportunities available in Quebec and New Brunswick for English as a Second Language (ESL) language assistants
    Work opportunities available across Canada for French as a Second Language (FSL) language assistants
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    Interviews N/A March–April
    Virtual OPPORTUNITIES? Yes No N/A
    Where will I stay? Lodging is available on campus in a student residence or university apartment, or with a local host family. Lodging is available on campus in a student residence. You will be responsible for finding lodging in the region where you are assigned.
    What’s covered?
    • ALL tuition fees, lodging, and meals
    • Instructional materials
    • Workshops and cultural activities
    A taxable salary of approximately $27/hr, holiday pay, and other benefits paid by the employer, plus allowances for training sessions and return trips home (if over 200 km).
    What will it cost? FREE TO APPLY

    • Registration fee (non-refundable; due on acceptance to the program)
    • Travel to and from the program
    • Optional cultural activities
    • Personal spending money (for snacks or souvenirs, etc.)
    • Other program-related fees may apply depending on the host institution

    • Living expenses, including lodging, food, transportation, etc.
    • Personal spending money

    Frequently asked questions
    Can I study French or English in Canada for free?
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    Up to 90% of the costs of Explore and Destination Clic—administered by OLP-PLO—are covered by the Government of Canada, including tuition fees, instructional materials, meals and lodging, workshops and cultural activities. Applying is free. A nonrefundable registration fee is required once you accept your spot.

    Participants are responsible for their travel expenses, optional activities, and personal spending money.

    What are government-funded language programs?
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    There are three government-funded language-learning programs to choose from, taking place in various locations across Canada. For the most up-to-date information and to learn more about each program and what we cover, visit the program-specific pages linked below:


    Each program offers a unique and enriching learning experience, and with our new mobile app, applying has never been easier.

    The Official Languages Programs (OLP-PLO) are funded by the Government of Canada, administered by the provinces and territories, and coordinated at the pan-Canadian level by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC).

    Where can my child experience Canada’s francophone culture in a safe environment?
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    Destination Clic is an experiential summer program for francophone students living outside Quebec. The program is aimed at nurturing their sense of belonging and identity with the francophone community and enhancing their French-speaking skills.

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