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    If you are looking for trusted and
    respected Canadian language-learning
    Programs to learn or improve French or
    , look no further than OLP-PLO.
    We are proud to note that this community is made up of many program directors, teachers and monitors, ESL, FSL, and FFL language assistants, and promotion agents who were once participants themselves. The enthusiasm for our language programs is long-lasting. Our community, made up of hundreds of thousands of current and former participants, continues to bolster multilingualism across the country while sharing crosscultural Canadian values.


    Learn or improve your French-speaking skills while experiencing a different local culture in another part of Canada
    13 - 15, 16 - 17, 18+ years old
    Destination Clic
    An experiential summer program for Francophone students living outside Quebec
    Grades 8, 9, or 10
    Inspire youth to practise their English-speaking or French-speaking skills while earning a salary
    Postsecondary (no age limit)

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    It takes a spirited and dedicated community to provide each program
    participant with a memorable experience.

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    A focus on languages has long been an important aspect of history and culture in Canada. Beginning in 1971, following the adoption of the Official Languages Act in 1969, the first of a series of language-learning programs was created to encourage individuals to learn Canada’s official languages—English and French—and to discover the rich cultures associated with them. Since then, these programs have evolved into so much more. Today, the OLP-PLO is proud to offer three unique programs—Explore, Destination Clic, and Odyssey—to suit a variety of language interests.
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    The Government of Canada provides funding for the Official Languages Programs, which covers tuition fees, instructional materials, meals and lodging,* workshops, and cultural activities.

    *Does not apply for virtual sessions
    A diverse group of young professionals gathered around a table for a fun meeting, engaged in conversation and sharing ideas.
    The Official Languages Programs are managed by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) and the departments/ministries of education of each province and territory, who in turn work closely with participating school boards and accredited postsecondary institutions to help ensure a positive experience for language-learning students and language assistants.

    See what people had to say about their
    OLP-PLO experiences

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