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    Destination Clic

    Thank you for taking good care of Martha and making her stay enjoyable. Now she wants to move to Quebec!

    Martha’s mother, Manitoba to Quebec
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    Download the OLP-PLO mobile app to complete your child’s application on the go.

    To apply on, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your child’s profile.
      If you are applying for the first time, create a new profile.

    2. Complete the application and click “CONFIRM AND FINISH” to save.

    3. Print it by clicking on the printer icon next to the application number on your child’s “My applications” screen.

      The first page of the printed document contains important information. The second page is the actual Declaration. You’ll also find the Declaration form document attached to your welcome email for easy access.

      Don’t panic if you don’t see your child’s top three preferences on the Declaration form. We have them saved in our system.

    4. Take the printed Declaration form to an authorized person at your child’s school or institution (e.g., a teacher, principal, guidance counsellor, or staff member at your registrar’s office). Ask them to complete and sign the sections labelled “Declaration” and “Signature and Seal”.

      It may take some time for your child’s school or institution to sign the Declaration form, so it’s best to get this done right away.

    5. Sign and date the bottom of the Declaration form.
      Your child must also sign.

    6. If you’ve previously successfully applied to the Official Languages Programs (OLP-PLO) on your child’s behalf, skip to Step 7.

      If you’re applying on your child’s behalf for the first time, use a scanner or your smartphone to capture a high-quality image of one of the following pieces of your child’s identification:

      • Canadian birth certificate;
      • Proof of Canadian citizenship (both sides); or
      • Proof of permanent resident status (both sides).
    7. Use a scanner or your smartphone to capture a high-quality image of your signed Declaration form to upload with your child’s application (accepted image file formats are .pdf, .jpg, .tiff, and .png).

    8. Log in to your child’s profile and scroll to the “Supporting Documents” section to upload your supporting documents using the appropriate link for each.

    It may take a few weeks for your child’s application to be processed. You can also check their profile to see if there are any updates on their status. Don’t worry, though, you’ll receive email updates throughout the process.

    The OLP-PLO application portal is now open. Don’t wait – apply today!