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    Destination Clic
    Destination Clic enables youth to travel and immerse themselves in francophone culture
    Do you know a young person ready to learn, discover, and grow and meet new francophone friends from across Canada? OLP-PLO’s Destination Clic can help them take their confidence to a whole new level and connect them to their francophone roots.

    Destination Clic is an experiential summer program for francophone students living outside Quebec. The program is aimed at nurturing their sense of belonging and identity with the francophone community and enhancing their French-speaking skills.

    Why apply to the
    Destination Clic summer program?
    Through Destination Clic, participants will have the opportunity to enhance their French-speaking skills with confidence, while making new francophone friends from across Canada as well as memories to last a lifetime.

    Destination Clic is an exciting opportunity for young people to:

    engage in French workshops, activities, and excursions, over a 19- to 21-day program
    immerse themselves in fun, vibrant francophone culture
    connect with other francophone youth from across Canada
    live on campus
    boost their self-confidence and independence, while building new skills and gaining a sense of autonomy
    Youth summer program
    Looking for opportunities for your child to boost their self-confidence, and connect with other francophone kids? This is their Destination!
    DESTINATION CLIC Grades 8, 9, or 10
    Apply today - It’s free
    DEADLINE: February 27, 2024

    “Clic” for an experience with fewer financial concerns

    Destination Clic is funded by the Government of Canada, allowing most participants to fully engage in the program without worrying about money. The funding is taxable income for which you will receive a tax receipt.

    What costs are covered?
    • It’s free to apply to Destination Clic!
    • Tuition fees for the program
    • Instructional materials
    • Meals and lodging*
    • Workshops and cultural activities

    *Does not apply for virtual sessions.

    What will it cost me?

    Once enrolment is confirmed, you are responsible for the following expenses:

    • Non-refundable registration fee
    • Travel expenses
    • Optional cultural activities
    • Personal spending money

    Other program-related fees may apply depending on the host institution.

    Eligibility. Can I apply?

    Who qualifies for Destination Clic?

    Destination Clic is open to YOUTH in Grades 8, 9, or 10 who speak French as their first language and who live outside Quebec.

    In addition, youth must:

    • be either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident (those studying in Canada on a student visa are not eligible);
    • have their permanent residence outside Quebec;
    • be enrolled in a French-language school (French as a first language)*; and
    • have been a full-time student for at least one term during the current school year.

    *Students who speak French as a first language but do not attend a French-language school may also apply. Further documentation or a language assessment may be required to ensure that they have the required level of fluency to participate.

    Apply today - It’s free
    DEADLINE: February 27, 2024
    Frequently asked questions
    How does the pan-Canadian draw work and when will we find out who has been selected?
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    Applications submitted on or before the application deadline will be included in the pan-Canadian draw. Places are awarded using a randomized, computer-generated draw.

    Eligible applications who have not been randomly selected during the draw will be added to the wait pool. If spots still remain after the pan-Canadian draw acceptance deadline, eligible applications from the wait pool may be selected by the institutions that have spots left to fill. Institutional draws will take place from March to July.

    Funded placements may continue to be awarded up until the program start date, so keep an eye on your inbox!

    When are the Destination Clic sessions and where are they available?
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    Destination Clic sessions are hosted by institutions in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick. For more information about the upcoming year, please visit our Sessions page here:

    What arrangements are available to ensure my child’s safe arrival at the institution?
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    On the day of arrival, a chaperone will meet your child at the airport, train, or bus station and identify themselves with official documentation. The chaperone will arrange arrival and departure logistics to ensure safe travel to and from the institution. On the day of departure, the chaperone will remain with your child until they have completed security for their flight or taken their seat on the train or bus.

    Upon acceptance into Explore and prior to the session’s start date, you are required to provide the following, requested information:

    • date and time of arrival and departure;
    • name and location (city/town) of the airport, train/bus station, etc.;
    • flight or train numbers, if applicable;
    • telephone number(s) and an email address where you can be contacted at any time;
    • signed authorization to the airline, train, or bus station to release information to program staff.

    Many parents ask about contacting other students in their region who are going to the same institution to plan and coordinate travel itineraries. However, to ensure the privacy of your child and other program participants, we cannot share the names or arrival information of students at any given location.

    NOTE: Chaperones may be also available for older students (under the age of 18). Please contact the host institution for more information.

    What kind of lodging is available?/Where will my child live?
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    Destination Clic participants will stay on campus in a student residence to be close to the action and connect with their Destination Clic peers. Safety is a top priority to us!

    • Lodging is assigned by age group and by gender.
    • Campuses are regularly patrolled by professional security guards.
    • Professional security guards are also assigned to each residence.
    • Monitors are with students during all program activities.
    • Safety and security rules, including curfews, will be shared with you at the time of registration.

    Please note that to further ensure your child’s safety and progress in the program, they may not leave campus to visit friends or family in the area during the program.

    Is there a government-funded, summer program for francophone youth?
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    Yes! Destination Clic is a government-funded summer program where francophone youth will make memories to last a lifetime. In Destination Clic, they can enhance their French-speaking skills with confidence while making new francophone friends from across Canada.

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