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    Continue The Story


    Continue The Story
    Target Language:
    Grade Level:
    Medium (15-30 minutes)
    Date Submitted:
    September 12, 2023
    Continue The Story

    To get students sitting in a circle and able to be creative with storytelling.
    To encourage students to speak.
    To practice the past tense.
    To have fun and laugh.

    Preparation and materials required:

    • A small bag.
    • Multiple random objects that will be placed in the bag.
    • Getting students to sit in a circle.


    1. Explain the activity. (ex. We will tell the story of Alice in Wonderland using the past tense. I will start the story with one sentence, pass the bag with the random objects for the next student to withdraw an object without looking, and continue the story with one past tense sentence and include the object in the sentence. The bag will be passed down to each person to have a turn).
    2. Ask if anyone has questions before we begin.
    3. Begin!

    Practice suggestions:

    Any famous children’s story could be used for this activity. As the organizer of this story, I will begin the activity with starting the story of Alice in Wonderland. “Once upon a time, a young girl called Alice was playing in the forest.” Then I will pass the bag with random objects to the first student to pick an object without looking into the bag, and the student needs to continue the story by making one sentence in the past tense using the object that they picked. Then each person will get a turn to withdraw an object from the bag and use it to continue the story of Alice in Wonderland. The objects placed in the bag do not necessarily need to relate to the original story; that is why students need to get creative with imagining a scenario with a random object to create a story.

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