Odyssey interactive map form

We have created the Odyssey interactive map to show various locations where future language assistants may be placed. Help us populate the map by completing this short survey. Your input will go a long way to helping future language assistants get settled in and feel more at home in their new community. Please note that your answers will be reviewed by your provincial or territorial coordinator before being posted on the website.

    Please note that your name and email will not appear on the interactive map.

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    What is the name of the town or city of your Odyssey work placement?

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    What is the postal code of the institution in which you are working?

    Language Stream

    What are the best ways to get around town?

    Where do you suggest the next language assistant live, and what research methods did you use to find lodging?

    What do you do for your meals?

    What is a good way to keep fit and active?

    Can you list a few of your preferred places for cultural activities?

    How do you recommend the next language assistant meet other people in the community?

    What were the most outstanding features of this location?

    What special local activity should every newcomer try at least once?

    What do you do in your free time?

    How do you suggest the next language assistant prepare for the experience?

    What did you do to learn or improve your second language?

    Would you like to be of assistance to a future language assistant assigned to your current work location?

    Image (optional)

    This photo will be posted on website to represent your Odyssey work placement. Please confirm that you personally took the picture and that you have permission to use it if it includes other people.

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