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    Can I share a room in student residence with a friend if we are both accepted?
    Maybe. If you and a friend are awarded places to the same institution and same session, contact the institution to find out how to share a room. Either way, you’ll have a great experience!
    Can I have someone stay overnight?
    For health, safety, and security reasons, no visitors will be permitted overnight. Rules and guidelines will be provided upon your arrival.
    Can I change lodging during the program?
    Maybe. If there is a major issue, please contact your institution.
    Can I bring my family with me?
    You will be staying in a student residence that can accommodate only you.
    Why do I need to create an account?
    You won’t be able to apply without an account. Your personal data is encrypted in our database and shared only with authorized users for the administration of the official languages programs. You don’t need to create a separate profile for each program you are interested in participating.
    Is there a minimum age limit?
    There are minimum age requirements for each session. Participants must be in Grade 8 before or on the first day of the Destination Clic session.
    Is there a maximum age limit?
    For Destination Clic, Grade 10 represents the maximum age of participation.
    What is the deadline to submit a Destination Clic application?
    The deadline for the Destination Clic program is February 28.
    Will I need to be able to access my Destination Clic profile after I have submitted my application?
    Yes, so make sure you remember your username and password to monitor your file, or to reapply to Destination Clic.
    Why are there no institutions appearing in the dropdown list of my application?
    You may not meet the minimum age requirements for Destination Clic, based on the date of birth you entered in your profile. If this is your situation, please reach out to your provincial or territorial coordinator. If you believe that you do meet the age requirements, verify your date of birth in your personal profile page. If your date of birth is correct, contact your provincial or territorial coordinator to help you.
    Will my child be picked up at the airport or bus/train station?
    A chaperone will meet your child at their point of arrival. Contact your child’s host institution for more information about chaperones and arrival arrangements. For More Information
    Can I arrive late, leave early, or miss a few days in the middle of the program?
    You are expected to arrive and leave on the dates set by your institution. Late arrivals and early departures are not permitted.
    How much is it to participate in Destination Clic?
    Government of Canada funding covers tuition, food, lodging, and most of the activities. Government of Canada funding does not cover: travel to and from your institution, the non-refundable registration fee, spending money for optional social activities and for personal items such as toiletries and souvenirs. For more information.
    Are there registration fees?
    Yes. Registration fees are paid to the host institution in order to reserve your place in the program. These non-refundable fees are to be paid only when you confirm your participation.  
    I haven’t received my tax slip (T4, T2202A, Relevé 1, Relevé 8, etc.). What do I do?
    Contact your host institution for next steps.
    I haven’t received my official certificate of completion or transcript for completing the program. What do I do?
    Contact your host institution for next steps.
    When will the pan-Canadian draw take place?
    The pan-Canadian draw usually takes place at the end of April of every year. You will receive an e-mail notification when the draw occurs.
    What should I do if I decide to refuse a place? Can I trade my place at an institution/session for a different institution or session?
    Please follow the prompts in your application profile when you are awarded a place or contact the institution directly for more information. If you have extenuating circumstances for refusing (e.g., a severe illness, death of a relative), contact your provincial/territorial coordinator to discuss alternatives.
    What happens after the Destination Clic draw?
    If you are awarded a place, you will have a set number of days in which to accept or refuse the place. Please follow the prompts in your application profile or contact the Destination Clic institution directly for more information. If you do not respond in a timely manner, your status will be changed to “inactive,” and your place will be offered to someone else.
    I missed the Destination Clic deadline! Can I still apply?
    As long as your application is submitted on or before March 31, it will be accepted for review.
    How does the draw work?
    If you are eligible for the program and apply by the specified deadline, you will be entered into the draw. Places are awarded using a randomized, computer-generated draw. Funded placements continue to be awarded up until the program begins, so keep an eye on your inbox!
    What is a refugee or protected person?
    Protected persons and refugees are those who have been legally recognized by the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) and who have a Letter of Determination from the IRB or from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). This law does not extend to refugee claimants, i.e., individuals who are still in the process of having their refugee status determined by the IRB or CIC.  
    Will I receive the funding directly? When will I receive the money?
    The funding for your place is transferred directly to the institution and covers your tuition, food, lodging, and most of your activities.
    My friend and I want to do the program together. Can we be placed at the same location?
    Maybe. Places are awarded using a randomized, computer-generated draw so there are no guarantees. However, if you would like to increase your odds of being placed at the same institution as your friend, please ensure your preferences are identical to those of your friend. Either way, you’ll have a great experience!
    If I receive funding to attend an institution, can I get the names and contact information of the other students going there?
    For privacy reasons, we cannot share that information.
    Do I need to speak French during the program?
    If you want to improve your French, then practising is key! You will get the most out of your experience by getting involved, speaking in French with your peers, and immersing yourself in your host community. Each institution has a policy about use of French, and these guidelines will be shared with participants upon registration.
    What should I do if I need help during the program?
    We do our best to ensure you will enjoy every aspect of the program. However, we understand that sometimes issues may arise. You will be given the telephone numbers of program staff who will be available if something comes up. Support services are also available at the institution if you would like to talk with someone on-site.
    Are optional cultural activities free?
    All institutions offer a variety of free activities. Additional activities may be available to you at your own cost. Following registration, you will be provided more information regarding these activities.
    Do I need to be vaccinated to participate in the program?
    A Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination may be required in the host province or in the host institution where the program is being held. Check out the list of 2022 Destination Clic and their current vaccination requirements. And remember, this information may change as the COVID-19 situation evolves. When in doubt, contact the institution directly.
    I have special needs. Can I still participate?
    Once you have been awarded a place, contact your host institution as soon as possible to provide relevant information about your special needs (e.g., medically prescribed dietary requirements, medical care requirements). Most special requests can be accommodated with advance notice; however, you may be assigned to another institution that can better accommodate your needs.
    What does the status on my online profile (Explore or Destination Clic) mean?
    After submitting your application, you may see different statuses assigned to your profile. These statuses, and their meanings, are found below. As your application continues through the review process, your profile will be updated periodically with instructions regarding additional steps you’ll need to complete. In progress: You have created an online profile, but you have not completed your online application. Application completed: Your online application has been completed, but you have not completed uploading the necessary supporting documents. Incomplete application: Your supporting documents have been received, but a document is missing or incomplete. Eligible for draw: Your supporting documents have been received and processed, and you are now entered into the draw. Offer received: You have been offered a place. Your host institution will be contacting you to confirm your acceptance and make further arrangements. Wait pool: You are in the pool of applicants. You will be notified once a spot becomes available. Inactive: You were offered a place but did not reply within the timeline specified by your host institution.
    Do I need to buy school supplies or course materials?
    All learning materials are supplied by the institution. However, following registration, you will be given a list of personal supplies to bring, such as pens, pencils, notebooks, and paper.
    I’m getting an error message. What do I do?
    If you get an error message such as “The email address you entered already exists” or “The email/username combination is not valid,” you will need to contact your provincial or territorial coordinator.  Your coordinator will be able to give you your username or reset your password once you have verified your identity. If a page is not showing up or gives you an error message, try the following options:
    • Refresh your browser.
    • Delete your browser cookies.
    • Enable pop-ups.
    • Try another browser.
    If you have trouble printing the PDF of your Explore or Destination Clic declaration form, make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.
    I forgot my username. What do I do?
    For security reasons, you won’t be able to generate a new password without your username. First, try searching your inbox for an email from the program ([email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]) which will contain your username. These autogenerated emails usually start with your username in the greetings line. If you can’t remember your username and can’t locate it in your email history, please contact your provincial or territorial coordinator. Please note that duplicate applications are not permitted.
    Am I entitled to a discount to travel to and from my Destination Clic institution?
    You may be entitled to an 8.5 percent discount from VIA Rail. If your institution is located in a region served by VIA Rail, a discount code along with instructions on how to create a VIA Rail profile, and a letter enabling you to use the discount code will be provided in your institution’s information package. Contact information for Via Rail: 1-888-842-7245. If you’d like assistance booking travel arrangements, you may speak to a Flight Centre travel agent dedicated to Destination Clic and Explore travellers. The Flight Centre agent can help you book and manage travel for rail, car, flights, and lodging. You will be given an emergency number that is accessible 24/7 in case of disruptions during travel. There is a $25 booking fee for any airfare. However, there is no cost for hotel reservations or car rentals. Contact information for Flight Centre: Isabelle Forget [email protected] or 1-613-724-3174. Please note that the Corporation of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, the provinces and territories, and Canadian Heritage and its officers and employees are not responsible for any travel-related questions or issues.
    What happens if I’m not awarded a spot in the program?
    You may still have a chance to participate and will be placed on a waiting list. Funded placements continue to be awarded up until the program begins, so keep an eye on your inbox!