Destination Clic

    ..since my first tearful night at Destination Clic, as I write this a year later, ..crying over how much I miss it.

    Chloe, Manitoba to Quebec
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    I had so much fun, learned so much, and made so many friends at Destination Clic!

    Katie, British Columbia to Quebec

    What do I learn?

    The many faces of Canadian Francophonie, of course! Your child will meet other youth from across Canada and learn about each other’s francophone communities and cultures. The experience is sure to delight your child give them memories to last a lifetime!

    The memories I made in Quebec will stay with me for a lifetime, and so will the friendships.

    Chloe, Manitoba to Quebec

    Each Destination Clic location offers a unique experience—your child will have the opportunity to encounter one of a wide variety of francophone communities across the country. When choosing a location, ask your child:

    • What part of Canada would your child love to visit and why?
    • What kind of activities and workshops is your child looking for?

    And wherever they go, your child will get to practise their French-speaking skills with confidence and make friends along the way!

    IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19: Our team is working diligently to implement the 2021 official language programs in the safest way possible. Explore and Destination Clic institutions and Odyssey employers will be strictly adhering to all local, provincial, and federal health and safety guidelines. Additional information will be posted on the website as the situation evolves.