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    .. since my first tearful night at Destination Clic, as I write this a year later, ..crying over how much I miss it

    Chloe Smith, Manitoba to Quebec
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    .. I had so much fun .. that I decided to move to Ottawa ..! I ended up living there for seven years

    Jocelyne, New Brunswick to Ontario

    What if my child wants to leave before the end of the program?

    Program staff will keep your child busy with a range of fun educational and cultural activities. Evening and weekend activities will provide them opportunities to make friends from across Canada and discover new aspects about themselves including how resourceful they are! To get the most out of the experience, we ask that your child fully participates in all activities until the end of the program.

    If for any reason your child needs to come home before the end of the program, you will be responsible for notifying the host institution of your child’s withdrawal from the program and for making arrangements to pick them up.