Destination Clic

    That was probably one of the best decisions I had ever made.

    Chloe, Manitoba to Quebec
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    I met some of my best friends at Destination Clic, and I made some of my greatest memories there.

    Chloe, Manitoba to Quebec

    What is Destination Clic?

    Destination Clic is a three-week summer program tailored to help francophone youth (outside Quebec) nurture their sense of belonging to and identity with their francophone community at home and abroad.

    Francophone youth rave about Destination Clic because they get the opportunity to:

    • connect with others like them and make friends from across Canada;
    • immerse themselves in a new and vibrant francophone culture; and
    • boost their self confidence and build new skills.

    If you want your child to enhance their French-speaking skills and strengthen their francophone roots, then this DESTINATION is for them!

    IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19: Our team is working diligently to implement the 2021 official language programs in the safest way possible. Explore and Destination Clic institutions and Odyssey employers will be strictly adhering to all local, provincial, and federal health and safety guidelines. Additional information will be posted on the website as the situation evolves.