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    Are you passionate about bilingualism and the benefits it offers?
    BE A PART of our Bilingualism in Action team!

    There are several employment opportunities across Canada:

    • Promotion agent
      • Become a program ambassador to help us promote the official languages programs (OLP). Interviews are conducted by provincial/territorial coordinators between the months of March and July. Check it out.
    • Explore/Destination Clic monitor (cultural assistant) or Explore/Destination Clic teacher
      • Help participants practise French during their sessions. Get in touch with the institution your interested in for these opportunities. Their contact information can be obtained from the list of Explore or Destination Clic institutions.
    • Odyssey language assistant
      • Encourage students to practise their speaking skills and to learn more about your culture in a classroom setting. For these employment opportunities, please contact your provincial or territorial coordinator.

    For 2021 only, Explore and Destination Clic sessions will be delivered in one of either two possible learning formats: in-person or online. The online program sessions will include a variety of remote activities, such as formal instruction, workshops or other language-intensive exercises, and appropriate sociocultural experiences.