It’s was definitely an experience of a lifetime!

    Sarah-Maude, Quebec to British Columbia
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    In five weeks, I grew strongly attached to my very hospitable host family and my counterparts

    Claudia, British Columbia to Quebec

    Where do I stay?

    What type of lodging works for you?

    • If you want to be close to the action, stay on campus to socialize with the student community (student residence).
    • If you want to immerse yourself more deeply into the language and culture, live with a local family (homestay).
    • When exploring different institutions, try the accommodation filter to display examples of the various types of lodging. Choose the one that’s right for you.

    Whatever accommodation you choose, your safety is a priority of the Explore program.

    IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19: Our team is working diligently to implement the 2021 official language programs in the safest way possible. Explore and Destination Clic institutions and Odyssey employers will be strictly adhering to all local, provincial, and federal health and safety guidelines. Additional information will be posted on the website as the situation evolves.