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    My bilingualism, experience, and the skills I acquired will open a host of doors for me professionally.

    Kathleen, former language monitor of Halifax, NS
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    Why do I need to create an account?
    You won’t be able to apply without an account. Your personal data is encrypted in our database and shared only with authorized users for the administration of the official languages programs. You don’t need to create a separate profile for each program you are interested in participating.
    Will my grades be considered when applying to the Odyssey program?
    Your postsecondary grades will not be assessed. However, you must provide proof of completion of the required level of study with your application in order to be eligible.
    What happens after I apply to Odyssey?
    The Odyssey timeline NOVEMBER–FEBRUARY Prospective participants submit applications FEBRUARY–APRIL Selected applicants are contacted for interviews APRIL–MAY The selection process is underway MAY–JUNE Selected participants* will receive email communication regarding their assigned placement. Pan-Canadian training is provided at the end of August. *Important: Selected participants must confirm their participation. Participants who do not confirm their acceptance to the program risk losing their place to another potential candidate. JUNE–AUGUST Language assistants plan and prepare for their upcoming Odyssey placement SEPTEMBER Odyssey mandate begins  
    Can my friend and I be assigned to the same location for the Odyssey program?
    We do our best to take your preferences into consideration! However, there is no guarantee that you will be assigned to the same region.
    Can I participate in the program again?
    You may participate in Odyssey again, although priority will be given to first-time applicants. All decisions about contract renewal are made by the local supervisor in consultation with the provincial or territorial coordinator.
    Can I apply if my postsecondary studies were completed outside Canada?
    Yes! Please also submit a formal assessment of your academic credentials earned outside Canada with your application.
    Can I apply if I am studying in Canada on a student visa?
    No. You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada to be eligible for the Odyssey program.
    Can I receive an academic credit for Odyssey?
    Maybe! The decision lies with your postsecondary institution. Your first step is to consult an academic advisor at your institution to see whether the Odyssey program could be considered an internship or work placement. Your provincial or territorial coordinator may also be able to assist you, if you require a confirmation of your experience in the program.
    Do I need a driver’s licence?
    A driver’s licence is not a requirement for the Odyssey program. However, in some remote regions, having a licence and/or access to a vehicle is considered an asset.
    What happens after I submit my application?
    If your application and supporting documents are in order, you may be selected for an interview. You will then be contacted by a provincial or territorial coordinator to schedule an interview (by phone, virtually, or in-person). Interview instructions will be provided by email. Please refer to the timeline and description of the interview process below.
    Can I choose the city or region to which I am assigned?
    During the interview, you can identify your preferred location(s). Check out the Odyssey interactive map to view the locations of past and present Odyssey work placements. We do our best to take your preferences into consideration. Ultimately, assignments are determined by the coordinator in the host province or territory. Please note that most placements will be in semi-urban, rural, or remote settings; there are few urban placements across Canada.
    Can I start later in the year?
    If there are positions still available, you can start work later in the year. For more information, get in touch with the coordinator in your province or territory.
    What does the status on my online profile (Odyssey) mean?
    After submitting your application, you may see different statuses assigned to your profile. These statuses, and their meanings, are found below. Further instructions will be provided to you by the host province or territory when additional steps are required. Application in progress: You started the application process but have not completed it. Application submitted: You have completed the application. Candidate missing documents: You have submitted your application, but there are missing or ineligible documents. Application submitted after the deadline: You submitted your application after the deadline. As long as positions remain available, however, your application will still be considered for a placement. Candidate waiting to be interviewed: Your application and supporting documents have been received and are in order. You will be contacted to set up an interview. Candidate absent at interview: You were invited to an interview but failed to appear. Application sent to a preferred province/territory: You have completed a successful interview, and your file has now been transferred to the coordinator of one of your preferred provinces or territories for review. Application transferred to another jurisdiction: You have completed a successful interview, and your file has now been transferred to the coordinator of one of your preferred provinces or territories for review. Candidate in host provincial/territorial wait pool: You sent in your application, had a successful interview, and your file was transferred to the coordinator of one of your preferred provinces or territories. Your file has been placed in the wait pool, until a position becomes available. Candidate in home provincial/territorial wait pool: You sent in your application and had a successful interview. Your file has been placed in the wait pool in your home province or territory. Application accepted: You have been offered a position.
    Can I work during the summer?
    Most schools are closed for the summer so there are no Odyssey placements during this time. If you want to improve your second language, consider participating in the Explore program or becoming an Explore monitor.
    What is the difference between a language assistant and a teacher?
    Language assistants are not trained as teachers and therefore do not perform the duties of a teacher, such as the assignment of tests, student evaluation, and classroom management. Instead, language assistants will work under the direction of teachers, leading activities with small groups of students.
    I’m getting an error message. What do I do?
    If you get an error message such as “The email address you entered already exists” or “The email/username combination is not valid,” you will need to contact your provincial or territorial coordinator.  Your coordinator will be able to give you your username or reset your password once you have verified your identity. If a page is not showing up or gives you an error message, try the following options:
    • Refresh your browser.
    • Delete your browser cookies.
    • Enable pop-ups.
    • Try another browser.
    If you have trouble printing the PDF of your Explore or Destination Clic declaration form, make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.
    I forgot my username. What do I do?
    For security reasons, you won’t be able to generate a new password without your username. First, try searching your inbox for an email from the program ([email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]) which will contain your username. These autogenerated emails usually start with your username in the greetings line. If you can’t remember your username and can’t locate it in your email history, please contact your provincial or territorial coordinator. Please note that duplicate applications are not permitted.
    Will I receive my travel allowances even if I decide to stay in my host community throughout my entire Odyssey mandate?
    Yes! These allowances are fixed amounts and are paid regardless of your actual travel plans (e.g., you will receive them even if you do not return home for winter holidays). Travel allowances paid at the beginning and the end of the employment period are not taxable. However, travel allowances paid in December and in January are taxable.
    Explore 13–15 and 16–17 sessions are currently full & waitpool numbers are high. Spots remain available for the Explore 18+ sessions – late applications are welcome. Submit your application without delay!